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The Marcellus Accountability Project
for Tompkins County

About Us


Marcellus Accountability Project for Tompkins County



We are an all-volunteer group of local citizens concerned about the effects of gas drilling on our health, safety, and quality of life. We think that both lease holders and non-lease holders can agree that our clean water, clean air, and the beauty of our region should not be destroyed as gas drilling moves into the region.


We are concerned that gas drilling will

  • contaminate the aquifers that supply our rural water wells and the Six-Mile Creek Watershed that supplies the City of Ithaca with its drinking water.
  • create unhealthy levels of air pollution, including ground-level ozone, and around-the-clock noise and light pollution.
  • damage local businesses such as farming, wineries, and tourism.
  • threaten the local State Parks, State Forests, Finger Lakes Land Trust Preserves, Cornell Natural Areas, and other wild areas that we cherish.
  • dramatically increase large, heavy truck traffic.
  • burden towns (and thus property tax payers) with the high costs of repairing roads and bridges and increasing their emergency response personnel and preparedness.
  • decrease property values, as industrial scars and pipelines permeate the area.

Most of these effects have occurred in other communities similar to ours that have experienced rapid industrialization due to gas drilling. We advocate stronger environmental regulations at the local, state, and federal level, and greater citizen awareness and participation in determining the extent of development in our area.

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