MAP – Tompkins

The Marcellus Accountability Project
for Tompkins County

Map of Gas Leases in Tompkins County


Data Accuracy:

The information presented on this map was collected by volunteers who looked at the 2,673 gas leases filed in the Tompkins County Clerk’s Office between January 1, 2005 and October 15, 2009.  All of the data shown here is public information.  In the time since the leases were filed, some parcels have split and some have merged. Some leases contain errors in the town or tax parcel number. Some errors have been made in transcribing the data. We have corrected as many of these errors as possible, and have made every attempt to insure that the data is accurate, but undoubtedly, some mistakes remain.

To Report Mistakes:

Please email us at  to report mistakes; if we are able to verify them, we will be happy to correct them.



Coming Soon:

  • Map layers, such as watersheds and wetlands, that you can use to make a customized map


In the Future?

Map layers showing
  • well permits issued
  • spacing units
  • wells in operation, and
  • citizen reports of spills, leaks, and contamination


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