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The Marcellus Accountability Project
for Tompkins County

Comments on Draft Scope, etc.; Useful as Fuel for Commenting on Draft SGEIS:

Tompkins County Planning Department Comments on Draft Scope (Dec. 2008)
Gives a clear, concise account of potential cumulative impacts of gas drilling on Tompkins County, along with comments on what should be addressed in the SGEIS. Very short, readable, and helpful.

Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition Comments on Draft Scope

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Comments on Draft Scope

Tompkins County Environmental Management Council Comments on Draft Scope (December 2008)

Tompkins County Board Comments on Draft Scope (December 2, 2008)
See Resolution 252.

Sullivan County (NY) Legislature Comments on Draft Scope (December 2008)

Tompkins County Board Comments on Items not addressed by Final Scope (May 19, 2009)
See Resolution 84: they requested an adequate number of inspectors, a severance tax, permit fees, and public disclosure of the chemicals in fracking fluids.

Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition Position Paper on Gas Drilling (Oct. 2008)
Short and succinct, but very readable and gives many specific suggestions for what the state and DEC need to do to adequately protect our health, safety, and environment from gas drilling.

OGAP Attorney Testimony before NYC Environmental Protection Council
Testimony to the NYC Committee on Environmental Protection from Bruce Baizel, an attorney at Earthworks' Oil and Gas Accountability Project, on drinking and surface water contamination from gas drilling. It lists many specific incidents of water contamination, and assesses NY's current regulations on gas drilling and suggests changes.

NYC DEP Rapid Impact Assessment (9/09): Excellent Summary of Gas Drilling Process & Impacts
This 90-page, thorough report by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection summarizes the issue very well, and is a must-read for everyone, especially before commenting on the SGEIS. It describes in detail the geology and hydrology of the NYC watershed in the Catskills and the gas-drilling process and potential impacts to water resources (they acknowledge other types of impacts, but water is the focus). The report includes a lengthy discussion of gas extraction operations around the country, and the incidents and impacts associated with each—the best collection of this type of information available, without searching different sites. Very nice diagrams and photos are included.

National Park Service (NPS) Handbook for Oil and Gas Development in National Parks
This technical handbook gives regulations on all aspects of drilling in great detail, and is a good example of at least the minimal "good" practices we might expect the DEC to require industry to follow in NY. The NPS takes at least a little care in trying to protect the environmental assets of the National Parks.

Detailed Comments on the Draft Scope from the weblog
Comments well-supported with facts and quotes on a wide range of topics covered by the Scope.

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