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The Marcellus Accountability Project
for Tompkins County

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Links:

DEC's Draft SGEIS (809 pages, pdf)

DEC Web Page with SGEIS Links to Individual Chapters, and Comment Info

DEC Web Page with “Executive Summary” of SGEIS

Not actually an executive summary, but brief background on the SGEIS and a 1-paragraph description.
DEC Press Release (9/30/09) on Release of Draft SGEIS
Note that the wording in this press release leaves much open to debate (for example, to whom will fracking fluid composition be disclosed?).  Also, a quick scan of the SGEIS turns up contradictory language as to whether or not steel-lined tanks are required for all on-site storage of flowback fluids. Only a careful reading of the 809-page document over the next few days and weeks will clarify some of these issues.

DEC's Oil and Gas Information (Main Page)

DEC's Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) on Oil and Gas Drilling (1992)

DEC's Final Scope (Feb. 2009)
Describes what will be covered in the SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement) on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale and other low-permeability gas reservoirs; includes info on current regulations. Very readable and contains a wealth of information.

NYS Lands with Gas Leases (such as State Forests)
Clicking on different years will give you a list of State Forests and other lands leased each year, and how much money was earned from oil and gas leasing; 2008 gives all state lands currently leased.

Finding Pending Gas Well Permit Applications on the DEC Website (Tips)
Written by Bo Lindsay, this brief guide will help you to navigate the somewhat daunting DEC web page to search for gas well permit applications. The guide shows snapshots of the web pages with descriptions of what information to fill in where to get your desired results.

DEC Notices of Intent to Issue Well Permits in Spacing Units that Conform to Statewide Spacing

DEC Notices of Intent to Issue Well Permits and Spacing Orders in Nonconforming Spacing Units

DEC Notices of Compulsory Integration Hearings

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