MAP – Tompkins

The Marcellus Accountability Project
for Tompkins County

Activist Groups and Websites:

Grassroots group in Ithaca & the Finger Lakes Region concerned about the effects of gas drilling; many on-going local projects.

Catskill Mountainkeeper
Environmental group protecting the Catskill Region. Gas drilling is one major focus right now.

Damascus Citizens for Sustainability 
Active grassroots group in the Upper Delaware Area of PA, where drilling is already underway.

Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition
Grassroots group promoting "enduring social, environmental, and economic well-being;" one current project is gas drilling.  Chenango Delaware Otsego Gas (CDOG)
Their site has extremely well-organized, detailed, and easy-to-navigate info on gas drilling.

Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County
Grassroots group concerned about gas drilling. Their goal is "to educate ourselves and the community about gas drilling, and to promote a safe and clean environment." See website for local events.

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation
NOON recently produced a map of many of the gas leases in Onondaga County (click here to see the map). They are a Syracuse-based grassroots organization allied with the Onondaga Nation and support the sovereignty of the traditional government of the Onondaga Nation. NOON and the Onondaga Nation both oppose shale gas drilling by hydraulic fracturing.

West Virginia Surface Owners' Rights Organization
Grassroots group promoting landowner education and stronger drilling regulations; much good information, from an area already being heavily exploited by gas drilling.

Drilling Has Consequences
Nicely organized Pennsylvania site on the problems associated with gas drilling. Discusses environmental effects, legislation, and drilling in PA state forests, and has a few very nice photos of drilling sites and pipelines.

Drilling Santa Fe
Citizens group dedicated to protecting Santa Fe County from the adverse effects of gas and oil exploration; have been highly successful with regulations.

New Mexico Environmental Law Center
Legal group dedicated to protecting New Mexico's water, land, and air from toxic pollution; successful in regulating gas drilling-may provide an example for NY.

Splashdown Blogspot
Extensive collection of articles, videos, and commentary on adverse effects of gas drilling, including maps of drilling activity and geology, legislative updates, and citizen actions to take. Emphasis on Pennsylvania, which is the closest large-scale Marcellus Shale drilling area.

TX Sharon: Passionate Blogger in Texas Fighting Gas Drilling Problems
Extensive collection of pictures, articles, and opinions supporting gas drilling reform in Texas and around the country.

NY Well Watch
News, articles, and basic info about drilling in the Marcellus Shale in the Southern Tier.

Toxics Targeting
This environmental research firm in Ithaca, New York, led by Walter Hang, has catalogued (from DEC’s own data) 270 cases of fires, explosions, wastewater spills, well contamination, and other ecological damage related to gas drilling in New York over the past 30 years. Records from each case are available on the website, along with a petition to Governor Paterson to withdraw the SGEIS.

Voices: A Website for Sharing Personal Stories of Living Near Oil and Gas Operations
This website is based in Michigan, but shares first-hand accounts of problems from people around the country who are living near oil and gas wells and compressor stations. Also has a list of good links, many different from the ones most Marcellus shale websites present. Much of the information is focused on noise from compressors, and there is a separate set of links on noise—information difficult to find elsewhere.

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